Gap Year Directory: European, longhaul and round the world flights

Flights: European, longhaul and round the world

Many companies offer European, long haul and round the world flights in addition to hotels, car hire and holidays. The list below includes some of the more well known names. Fares for most flights tend to be cheaper if booked early although prices can vary depending on demand & other factors.

For round the world flights, Star Alliance is particularly good value as long the airlines taking part in the scheme cover all the destinations 

along your route. Besides the low price, as compared to booking individual flights, the flexibility of Star Alliance allows you to change the dates of your flights without additional costs in most cases as long as the route stays the same.

There are some limitations to schemes like Star Alliance as all the flights need to be booked in advance and backtracking is not allowed. A change of routes will also incur extra expenses covering the full cost of the new flight changes. Another scheme which is good for covering one continent is One World but this has far fewer airlines involved in the scheme than Star Alliance. Another important point to remember is that choose your route carefully as some destinations are cheaper to reach by rail than flying.

Expedia is over 10 years old and handles millions of customers every year with discounted international flights, hotel accommodation, car hire, holiday packages, insurance and services for corporate customers.

Ebookers offers mid and long haul flights and its’ preferred airlines are British Airways, Emirates, American Airlines, Qantas, Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific.

Opodo operates in nine countries and is a Pan-European online travelling company offering flights from various airlines including British Airways, Air France, Alitalia, Iberia, KLM, Lufthansa, Aer Lingus, Austrian Airlines and Finnair.