Gap Year Travel Packing Checklist

Finding all the necessary travel clothing, strong backpacks, mosquito repellents, footwear, etc. can take time. Some shops specialise in travel items and can save time as they offer a wide range of goods which may cover all your needs but there are many shops, both on the high street and online, which offer a wide range of travel & outdoor accessories such as luggage, backpacks, sporting goods, children’s items and much more. 

Another consideration is that if you are planning on travelling to a number of different destinations or travelling solo, it is advisable to travel light to reduce the effects of travelling & to keep track of your belongings. Travelling light is an enormous time saver when visiting numerous destinations as it is easy to pack and repack.

Another consideration in these uncertain times is the frequent travel restrictions imposed from time to time by the Government and airlines. To find the latest information regarding allowable items for travel as well as size and weight of baggage allowed, always check the airlines website or phone their help line.

Especially important is to buy a good strong backpack which will last the journey. It may be tempting to take along everything that you feel may come in handy and end up with an enormous backpack but travelling light has many advantages and most items can be purchased along the way if they are required.

To lighten the load, taking a tablet PC or Apple Ipad could be the ideal way to read books on the beach, entertain yourself with games on long journeys, find your way around with clickable street maps and use Lonely Planet or Rough Guides ebooks for travel information and recommended hotels. Also, for convenience and security, use one of the many Cloud services on offer to save important documents, scans and travel photographs along the journey. This will work fine in countries with fast internet speeds but you will struggle to upload images and large files in countries or areas with slow internet speeds.

The following is a general list (for both men & women) to get you started and additional items can be added by downloading and printing the First Gap Year packing checklist:

First Gap Year Packing Checklist

Debit & Credit Cards
Document Copies
Insurance Policy
Flight Tickets
Travellers Cheques
Sun Lotion / Cream
Insect Mosquito Repellent
Alarm Clock

Travel Wash
Toothpaste & Toothbrush
General Toiletries
Shaving Gel or Oil
Universal Sink Plug
Travel Towel
Wallet or Purse

Passport Photos
Pen and Paper
Shorts & Skirts
Day Pack
Contact Lenses
Smart Phone / Tablet PC