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There are many options for working abroad during your first gap year including volunteer work, paid employment and seasonal work. There are various benefits to working abroad ranging from learning new skills to helping people, wildlife and the environment.

There are many sites offering seasonal, temporary, contract or permanent jobs abroad but the list of available jobs on some of these sites are very limited. Eures offers European jobs in the free movement labour market as well as advice on living in Europe. Some countries like New Zealand and Australia offer working visas to people aged between 18 and 30.

The options for finding work for people over 30 in countries such as Australia, New Zealand and Canada are much more limited.

Teaching English is another option favoured by many people and various countries including Thailand and Japan offer schemes to suitably qualified individuals. There are many TEFL websites on the web including which offers teacher resources, lesson plans, a forum, jobs via email and a TEFL wanted section.

Volunteer work can be highly rewarding on a personal level through helping people , animals and the environment in areas of the world requiring help and assistance. Volunteering can also offer a chance for change if your current work situation is less than enthralling. Volunteer work can be a great opportunity for people leaving education or taking a gap year during a degree course. New skills and experiences can benefit a volunteer working in another country where the way of life may be completely different. For information on volunteer work, try VSO, United Nations Volunteers and WorldWide Volunteering.

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